Murmeldyrsdissektion /
Groundhog Autopsy

Arts, Letters & Numbers er et interdisciplinært fællesskab. Vi bygger en skole Up State New York i en gammel bomuldsmølle. Vi mødes med vores forskellige fagligheder. En dag og nat over et dissektionsbord og et nydødt murmeldyr. Redskaber fra køkken, værksted og penalhus. Operasanger. Duft af blod.
–Arts Letters & Numbers is a new structure opening spaces within a broad disciplinary geography; spaces of participation, of communication, of reciprocity for people and their works to listen to each other. Each party, both individual participant and associated body of knowledge, transform in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

Arts, Letters & Numbers is a non profit arts institution based Up State New York in an old cotton mill. It is run by director David Gersten, associate director Frida Foberg, a group of fellows, visiting artists and lovely, dedicated locals.

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